Purchasing a House of Steward Ragdoll Kitten


Our Ragdoll kitten pet price is $1200.00 which includes 3 rounds of FVRCP vaccinations and Rabies shot.  We require a $200.00, non-refundable, holding fee to reserve a kitten as a pet which is deducted from the total cost.  The remaining cost of the kitten, plus sales tax on total, will made at the time they are to be released to their new homes. 

We no longer do early spay/neutering.  The kittens receive their last FVRCP vaccination at 16 weeks.  We normally spayed/neutered them at 14 weeks, but the process of surgery weakens the immune system and makes them vulnerable to viruses if done before one month AFTER their 16 week vaccination.   We want to protect our kittens in every way possible, but keeping them two weeks after surgery done at 20 weeks is not fair to the adoptive families.  Our kittens will be allowed to go home after their 12 week check up done at Kansas State University, but you will not receive their registration papers until we have verification from your veterinary that spaying/neutering has been accomplished.  Legal action may be taken if your kitten has not been spayed/neutered by 6 months old or used for breeding purposes.

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 NOTICE:  We no longer offer shipping; however, we will meet you at the Kansas City or Wichita airport should you decided to fly here to pick up your kitten.   We charge a $50.00 fee to transport your kitten to the airport.   We are located in Clay Center, KS.


Deposits for a Ragdoll Kitten

Our kittens are reserved quickly and we normally have a waiting list for future kittens. The choice of kitten is according to time deposit was made; ie. first to place holding fee gets first choice of kitten. If we do not have a kitten of your liking you may transfer it to a kitten out of the next upcoming litter.

No kitten will be held without a $200 deposit being received by House of Steward Ragdolls.  Deposits for post-birth kittens are nonrefundable. In the event the Buyer changes their mind for any reason, and/or become unable to purchase the kitten or fails to pay remainder owed on pick up date, this fee is forfeited.  The only exception is if we feel the kitten is not healthy enough, death occurs to reserved kitten, or extreme circumstances surrounding the buyer.  Deposits for pre-birth kittens are refundable . If we do not have enough kittens or not one of your choice you may choose to have your deposit refunded or transferred to the next litter.   No kitten will leave the cattery unless paid in full.

If you would like to place a deposit please contact us.

This kitten cost THAT much?????

Yes, Ragdolls are expensive to buy and they are increasing in price because of the rising veterinarian costs, and everything it takes to raise cats.  Contrary to popular opinion, reputable Pedigree Cat breeders are not in it for the money.  They do it because cats bring joy to them.   There are those who breed cats similar to breeding puppies in a puppy mill, they are in it for the money.  The cats are constantly kept in cages and many times are not given adequate health care and nurturing.  The cost may be less expensive but you may also receive an unhealthy kitten which has not been socialized.

Consider the cost of breeding cats.  Breeder cats will cost anywhere from approximately $1600 up to $5000 for one breeder cat.  If you are going to breed you need to either purchase 2 cats or pay for stud service.  After purchasing breeder cats you always run the risk of one dying, not being able to conceive, or losing kittens. 

Competent breeders do everything they can to ensure their cats are healthy.  This means regular veterinarian check ups, vaccinations, dental care, monthly de-wormers and flea control, and not just any cat food will do.  In order to keep cats healthy you also need lots of cat litter, scooped at least once a day, and keep surrounding areas clean so this means added cleaning supplies.  Add to this cat trees, toys, carriers, and other necessary items to keep your cats active and stress free as possible.  Other costs include yearly registrations with TICA, CFA, RFCI, RI, membership fees in clubs, internet fees for website, and a host of incidentals.    As expenses rise, so will the price of our Ragdolls.  It is the only way we can guarantee you will receive a healthy Ragdoll kitten.   So, yes, Ragdoll cats are expensive to buy.   Here are a few links which further explain why the price of buying Ragdoll cats can be expensive.


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