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June 2010
 Our interest in Ragdolls began!

A feral cat had 6 kittens behind the abandoned house next door.  It took me several weeks before the mom would even let me within 3 feet of the kittens.  She finally decided I was going to be a permanent visitor, so she let me get closer and even let me begin touching the kittens.  She had two white ones which stole my heart and we had already decided to keep them. 

By the time they were old enough to take from the mom the white ones weren't so white anymore.  They looked more like long haired Siamese.   Intent upon finding out the predominant breed they were, I spent hours on the internet comparing pictures.  I thought at first they were Burmese then I changed to Balinese.  Then I flip, flopped between the two.  Ah, I discovered the Ragdoll and that was that.  We had two mixed but predominately Ragdoll cats.  Personality fit, color fit, size fit.  Everything fit!  I had not even heard of a Ragdoll before that eye opener.

We had a male and a female.  The male we named Boo and the Female was Bea.  Ha, it was easy to call for them!   BooBea, come here!

Oct. 2010

I took a week long trip with my sis and sis-in-law and had a great time - till I got home, that is.  While I was gone someone stole our precious kittens out of our yard.  At that time, we were ignorant and believed the cats would be safe outside.  Big mistake!  My husband was distraught over the loss as well.  We searched and searched, put adds in the paper and on a local Facebook page.  No avail, no kittens.  

I had lost, either through death or 'missing in action' many cats but none affected me like the loss of our Boo and Bea.  Time began to heal but I would think of them often.  Six months later I was at the computer and my husband came in and said, "Come here, I have something to show you."  He led me out past the next door house to the alley way and there sat Boo and Bea.  They had grown into beautiful cats.  I called them and Boo came right up to me but Bea ran off.  I grabbed him and swiftly took him home.  HA!  Victory!  I got to steal him back and he has been with us ever since.  I would see Bea off and on for about 2 months but never could get her to come to me.  I have never seen her since, but I still wonder how she is doing.

Spring 2011

My husband and I both love cats and we are so enthralled with the Ragdoll that we started talking about breeding them.  We are close to retiring and we would have the time (it does take a lot of time and work) to devote to all the care it takes to breed and sell cats.  Not many Ragdoll breeders in Kansas turned up on the Internet, but I kept searching.  WOW!  I found one!  And this one is only 30 miles from where we live. 

I will always be grateful for Little Apple Ragdolls in Manhattan, Kansas.  I contacted the owner and asked if I could come visit.  She was very gracious and we set up an appointment.  I had lots of questions for Andra and she answered them all but she did her best to dissuade us from becoming breeders.  She said it takes a lot of work and there is not much monetary profit in it by the time you buy your foundational breeder cats, food, litter, grooming items,  VET bills, and all the extras it takes to raise healthy Pedigree cats.  She explained to me the Mentor Program and offered to be our mentor if we decided to do this.  We had time to think about it because she didn't have any show quality/breeder quality cats in any of the litters she had at that time.

Oct. 2011
Time to act!

 In October she contacted me that they had two different litters born 2 weeks apart in September and had one female and one male show/breeder quality Ragdoll kitten.  We decided to take the plunge and we have not regretted it.  We placed our reservation money down and waited for them to reach 14 weeks old before we could get them.

Dec. 2011

It seemed a long time from October to December but it finally came.  December  21st I took my granddaughter out of school for the day and headed to Manhattan to pick up our kittens.  I didn't know for sure how Boo would act (now neutered) so we put the kittens in the dining room and shut Boo out.  He could still see them from underneath the door and hissed at them for a couple of days.  Then he started playing with them by sticking his paw under the door.  At the end of the week we let him in and he, too, fell in love.  From that point on he was with the kittens either playing with or cleaning them.

Spring 2012
Growing Time

The next months were filled with increasing love and fun, fun, fun.  What a riot to watch the antics they went through.  Everything from hiding in spots they couldn't get out of to playing in a basket of flowers.  Only problem we had was Boo tended to get a little jealous when the kittens wanted to be held by us.  I'm not sure he was jealous of us or the kittens and didn't want to share their attention with us. 

Looking for cat trees.

Sheesh!  They can get expensive.  $100 to $200 for a decent size cat tree?  We needed something to entertain them and keep them from clawing up everything we own. We had to do something.  My husband and I both make things.  The price of these trees made us brainstorm to come up with ideas so we could make our own.  My daughter works at a sign company which uses lots of vinyl which comes on big, sturdy rolls.  I asked her to bring some home.  Rolls, 2x4's, plywood, and carpet all gathered and the working began.  The next step.  How tall, how big? 

Since we do not let our cats outside (even Boo) we needed somewhere they could get to a window and look out to see the rest of the world.  Plans made!  Tree had to be big enough and tall enough for 3 cats to sit on top to look outside.  Started constructions.  The actual project took me less than a day.  We have a shop in the basement with all the tools I needed and finished the tree there.  However, the window was upstairs and it was no small effort to get it there once finished.

Immediately they loved it!  AND it only cost me time and scraps of wood we already had.

Handmade Cat Tree

June 2012
Mating Time!

Sassy was old enough to mate but not old enough to be pregnant.  She went into strong heat at 9 months old.  It is advised for optimal health to the mom and the kittens to have a female be at least a year before becoming pregnant.  Separation time began.  We had an open window in the kitchen and Sassy would get in the window and call for every Tom, Dick and Harry in the neighborhood!  I'm sure our neighbors thought we were torturing our cat because she cried so loud.  That heat cycle lasted about a week.  Then she didn't go into heat again until she was 14 months old. 

In January, 2013, Sassy had her first litter of five beautiful Ragdoll Kittens.

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The health and socialization of our Ragdoll Kittens are our highest priority.  All our Ragdoll cats are born and nurtured in our private home as part of our family where they receive love and attention from us and our visitors.  We do not use cages in our home and our cats have daily interaction with us and are free to roam the house.    Our two priorities will provide you with healthy and well socialized Ragdoll Kittens.  Our purpose is to share Ragdoll kittens with others that they, too, will have the enjoyment we have experienced with this magnificent breed.  If you would like to be notified when we have kittens, please contact us

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