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Our Ragdoll cats are raised and nurtured in our private home as part of our family where they receive love and attention from us and our visiting extended family and friends. We do not use cages in our home as our cats have daily interaction with us and are free to roam the house with the exception of preventative mating times. We have a very large home with plenty of space for separation and we make it a point they are not isolated from us for any extended period during this preventative time. Our Ragdoll kittens are treated as our loved pets until they leave our home for yours. They bring us cuteness overload and bundles of Joy. We are confident they will do the same for you.

We love cats and have had them as pets for 50+ years. With this came all the experiences of wound care, cat rescue, birth of litters, discipline, vet visits and the heartache of death of our beloved feline family members. It is not a whim or merely a profit making scheme that we have decided to breed Ragdoll cats. Our purpose is to offer Ragdoll kittens to bring others the enjoyment we have experienced with this magnificent breed. We are retiring from our life careers and have the time, resources and, of course, love, which is required to provide you with a healthy, socialized Ragdoll kitten. With all the different types of cats we have had the Ragdoll has grabbed our hearts more than any others because of their personality, easy grooming maintenance, and love they return to us. The Ragdoll cat is not your ordinary Alley Cat.

Dam - DUSTY - Lilac Mitted
Dam - PRADA -  Seal Tortie . Carrying Chocolate
Sire - FURRERO KOKO - Chocolate Bicolor
Dams, Sire, and Litters registered with The International Cat Association

All of our breeders are DNA tested as double negative for the deadly HCM gene; therefore, none of our kittens will have this gene.

Seals, Blues, and Reds start at $1150.00
Rare Chocolates and Lilacs start at $1350.00

House of Steward Ragdolls guarantees this kitten/cat to be healthy at the time of sale,according to our Vet report, to beFeLV/FIV negative and free from any life threatening illnesses, infections, external parasites, ear mites, and fleas.Our cats are treated with Pyrantel and Revolution for internal parasites but due to the nature of internal parasites it is extremely difficult to guarantee 100% against them. This guarantee is valid for 120 hours from time of signature. This does not include mild respiratory infections cause by the stress of transportation. We strongly recommend you have your kitten examined by your veterinarian during this guarantee period. During this guarantee period the cat/kitten should not be exposed to any ill animal. To do so voids this health guarantee. If there are any major health problems, you may return the cat along with a detailed report from your veterinarian within this guarantee period and we will replace with a cat of equal value when we have one available assuming we continue to breed. Monetary refund may be chosen if we are no longer breeding. This refund will include only purchase price, or partial price according to our discretion, and not altering cost, transportation, or your veterinarian costs. If there is no communication from the buyer within this period this guarantee will be fulfilled.

Buyer will receive a record of the dates and type of vaccinations and the date which they will require additional vaccinations or boosters.

We require a $200.00 deposit fee to reserve a kitten as a pet.   This deposit is non-refundable but will subtracted from the total cost of the kitten with the remaining due when released to their new homes.  If you will require shipping for your kitten please see our Shipping DetailsShipping costs are extra and will be added to your final payment.  If shipping, final payment is due 2 week prior to shipping.

If you wish to reserve a kitten please email contact us and we will send you an invoice from Paypal or Dwolla.     We will respond to the emails in the order we receive them.  We do charge an additional $7.00 when using Paypal to pay for the Paypal fees.   Dwolla only charges 25 cents to use their services.  To see more information about Dwoll, go here.

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