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Our history with Ragdoll Cats

We acquired, by accident, a cat having the Ragdoll breed as predominate.  We fell in love with this cat and decided to become breeders in order to offer Pedigree Ragdoll kittens to others to enjoy as much as we have ours.  We love cats and have had them as pets for 50+ years.  With this came all the experiences of wound care, cat rescue, birth of litters, discipline, vet visits and the heartache of death of our beloved feline family members.  It is not a whim or merely a profit making scheme that we have decided to breed Ragdoll cats.    Our purpose is to offer Ragdoll kittens to bring others the enjoyment we have experienced with this magnificent breed.  We are retiring  from our life careers and have the time, resources and, of course, love, which is required to provide you with a healthy, socialized Ragdoll kitten.  With all the different types of cats we have had the Ragdoll has grabbed our hearts more than any others because of their personality, easy grooming maintenance, and love they return to us.  The Ragdoll cat is not your ordinary Alley Cat.

We do regular check ups and vaccinations and have the final evaluation and altering done at Kansas State University.  We have chosen KSU since they are a teaching school on the cutting edge and do a much more detailed examination and report than many veterinarians.  They have specialists in every area of animal care and use the highest level of technology, treatment, and procedures.  Everything they do has to be according to the school's high standard with each detail written in the report you will receive. 

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The health and socialization of our Ragdoll Kittens are our highest priority.  All our Ragdoll cats are born and nurtured in our private home as part of our family where they receive love and attention from us and our visitors.  We do not use cages in our home and our cats have daily interaction with us and are free to roam the house.    Our two priorities will provide you with healthy and well socialized Ragdoll Kittens.  Our purpose is to share Ragdoll kittens with others that they, too, will have the enjoyment we have experienced with this magnificent breed.  If you would like to be notified when we have kittens, please contact us


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